1. Camel Pose This pose is great for stretching the front of your body and deepening your breath.

It can also be quite sexy Sexy Yoga Poses. To do this asana

first start on your hands and knees with the palms flat on the mat.

2. Half Camel Pose If full camel pose is too intense for you, try half camel pose instead.

This pose is similar to Camel pose but with slightly less intensity. To perform the asana, begin on your hands and

knees with palms flat on the mat. Then, press into your feet and lift your hips up and back, arching only part of your back as you do this.

3. Cat-Cow Pose This classic yoga pose is not only great for stretching the spine but also super sexy.

To do cat-cow, start on all fours with palms flat on a mat and knees hip-width apart.

4. Sphinx Pose This pose is perfect for those who want a little less intensity in their back bends.