diabetes medications, yoga asana, legs up the wall pose

Yoga Asana that can Help You with Diabetes Medications 11

Diabetes Medications

Today, the yogic culture is being adopted around the world and incorporated into the exercise regime. It is an ancient form of exercise that has Indian origins. It helps in improving the mental and physical well-being of any individual. Apart from this, this meditative form of physical movement also has many medicinal benefits. If you are a diabetic patient then yoga can help you a lot with your diabetes medications. It can lower your blood pressure and sugar levels. Yoga calms your senses, it also protects you from heart diseases.

Yoga is commendable for people suffering from diabetes as it helps in controlling blood sugar levels when practiced regularly. Asanas like Kapalbhati and Pranayama are considered to be the best asanas to control diabetes.

Let us learn about some yoga asana that can help in curing diabetes.

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diabetes medications, yoga asana, legs up the wall pose

Legs Up The Wall Pose

It is considered a relaxing exercise that helps you manage your stress levels. It keeps your blood pressure and blood sugar levels low. Apart from this, this asana can also help in providing relief from headache, increase energy and circulation.

The muscles of the body that are targeted are the lower back, hamstrings, pelvic muscles, front torso and back of the neck.

How to perform: legs up the wall pose

First of all, lie down comfortably on the yoga mat, raise your legs up from the wall in such a way that your body makes an angle of 90 degrees.

After that try to touch the lower region of your pelvis to the wall, relax your neck, chin and throat.

Then spread your arms to the side in such a way that your palms are facing upwards. Practice this asana for 7 to 15 minutes, relaxing your body by slowly sliding your feet down.

reclining bound angle pose

This pose helps in giving quick relief to your nervous system. With this, your blood pressure and sugar level also remain under control. It is also known to enhance the functioning of the abdominal organs, bladder and kidneys.

Groin muscles, adductors, pelvic muscles and psoas are the muscles that can be improved by doing this exercise.

How to perform: reclining bound angle pose

First, sit on your yoga mat in a butterfly pose, the soles of your feet should be touching each other, and your knees should be horizontally sideways.

After this, you slowly bend your back, so that it touches the floor. Relax your pelvis and rest your hands on the sides of your body.

Then stay in this position for 10-12 minutes and use your hands to lift your knees so that you can bring your body back to normal position.

leaning forward

This yoga asana is remedial for weight loss and keeping blood pressure under control. It also helps in curing headache, anxiety and fatigue.

The erector spinae, pelvic muscles, gluteus maximus and gastrocnemius are the muscles that are focused while doing this.

How to perform: leaning forward

First of all, sit in such a posture that you can keep your legs straight and lengthen them.

After that try to bend your toes backward so that you can touch them with your hands, in this position your torso should touch your feet and your spine should be straight. Remain in this posture for 5 minutes.

supported shoulder stand

This yoga asana helps to speed up your circulation and strengthen the thyroid gland. It also helps in making you feel peaceful and rejuvenated.

The rotator cuff, trapezius, quadriceps and rectus abdominis are the muscles that can be targeted when performing this exercise.

How to perform: supported shoulder stand

First you lie down on a mat, or you can also use a folded blanket to rest your shoulders. Make sure that your shoulders are in contact with the sides of the blanket.

After that, keep your hands on the sides of your body and touch your palms to the ground.

Now, while slowly moving your feet in the backward direction, touch your head. You can use your fingertips to balance your lower back, making sure to keep your toes straight.

Now raise your legs so that your shoulders, spine and hips form a single line. Stay in this position for 35 seconds to 4 minutes.

After this, you relax your body by bringing your spine down on the yoga mat and lowering your feet.

supine spinal twist

This yoga asana helps in speeding up the functioning of your abdominal organs which can lead to a drop in blood sugar levels. It also helps in curing pain and stiffness of your back, spine and hips.

The pectoralis major, rectus abdominis, trapezius and erector spinae are the muscles that benefit when doing this.

diabetes medications, yoga asana, legs up the wall pose

How to perform: supine spinal twist

First of all, lie down straight on your mat and bend your knees like a wheel and touch your chest.

After that, keeping your palms touching the ground, keep your arms at your sides. Turn your bent knees towards the left. Make sure that your knees are in line with your hips.

You can then use your hands to add gentle pressure to your knees. Stay in this position for 35 seconds and then practice it by turning to the right side.